2021 seems to be the year men want to break off from the tag “Providers.” To achieve this, they formed a new association known as the “Stingy Men Association.” (SMAN). 

This association will come in handy to help a host of broke men pretend that they are just stingy, whereas there is nothing to be given. Though laced in banter, this association became an avenue for the youths to flaunt their effectiveness in all things technology, as in a few minutes they already had a Logo and Identification Card. Whereas, since the 90s NIN is yet to release the ID cards of many registered Nigerians.

Wahala, for members of the I need urgent 2k Association.

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More tears rained as popular music producer, and president of “giveaway” Don Jazzy, became the president of SMAN.

A headquarters was equally built and different members were given various positions.

In the association, the higher your brutality and stinginess towards females, the higher the praise you receive. 

It was all fun and cruise until some men started printing out their Identification cards. Omo x 1000!

Reacting to the new declaration, ladies have formed their association. It is yet to blow up, but the members of SMAN are proposing soap as an alternative. Drama

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the cruise and found a reason to smile. Indeed, that bird app (Twitter) is a world of its own.

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