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“Nigerians are competitive abroad due to good education they receive at home”- Buhari

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Major General Buhari has given a reason for the competitive behaviour of Nigerians in countries abroad.

The President of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari has explained that Nigerians possess the competitive nature they show abroad due to the good education they acquired before travelling out of the country.

Buhari said this while speaking with the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, Shaikh Shakboot Alnahyan, at the Paris Peace Forum held on Friday.

His excellency also urged Nigerians in Diaspora to continue to subject themselves the rules and regulations of their host country.

This was disclosed in a statement released by the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina.

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He quoted the President saying, “Nigerians are all over the place, very competitive. And the competitiveness starts from home, where they have acquired good education, gone into businesses, and then take all that abroad.”

President Buhari also welcomed the partnership of UAE with Nigeria in areas of agriculture, renewable energy and other amenities.

Alnahyan said, “We want to secure, deepen and strengthen the association for the future. We have a lot in common. We may be taking small steps, but they are leading somewhere.”

The minister also mentioned that his country thinks very highly of President Buhari’s leadership, while they hope to “build a better future for generations to come.”

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