I went to a local store to buy noodles and as I stood there waiting to be served what I demanded for, a bunch of guys came and their very presence was the end of fresh air. They made demands for different commodities and they all had one thing in common; the stench of Marijuana,  as if it was a perfume they shared. 

One looked at me and said “Fine girl.” I forced a smile as a response to his compliment. Truthfully, God knows I would rather not be complimented by him. The stench of alcohol that came from his mouth, coupled with the smell of marijuana aroused a funny feeling in my stomach. I wanted to throw up. 

I took some steps backward to disengage myself from them, and to end further conversations I kept a straight face. However, a conversation caught my attention. 

A very morally sick tale was told by a female voice. So sick a tale that I was prompt to turn around to see the face of the lady who was bragging about her sex life with a married man. Sadly I saw no lady! The speaker was a teen and her audiences were 3 other teens and a lady. A lady that ought to be scolding this girl was showering her with praises and encouragement. 

In awe I looked around the environment I was in. It was filled with men drinking and smoking under the blazing sun. In their midst were ladies with heavy makeup and scantily dressed. Shops were everywhere and the most purchased commodity seems to be cigarettes. Even the ground was filled with burnt-out cigarettes.

“Take your indomie, you no wan buy again?” The shopkeeper asked loudly, setting me loose from my thoughts. I paid her and took my package.

Swiftly, I turned to leave but my eyes fell upon a heavily pregnant lady. It appeared she stayed nearby, for everyone exchanged pleasantries with her. Including the morally sick teens and weed perfumed guys. Seeing her brought a strange sadness in me. I felt sad for her unborn child. He/she will be born into an environment that lacks role models. A place that is suffering from moral poison, and the people there are happily breathing it in. 

As one born into a similar neighborhood I know how tough it is to grow up responsibly when there are no role models to look up to. I was a person, was even lucky to have left the ghetto quite young, and I’m blessed with siblings that are great role models.

As I walked home I recalled the tale of a teenage girl that was murdered in a hotel. Everyone saw her death as the sole tragedy but to me she being in a hotel room with a man at such a young age was a tragedy in itself. 

I wondered at what age did innocence leave her. I felt like blaming her but then I recalled there are no role models. If her guardians, siblings, and the people around her were better, maybe her journey of life would not have ended so cruelly. I still feel uneasy for the unborn child and hope fortune smiles on it.

Frankly, morality is fast depleting in our society and it feels like the unborn generation might have little or no moral values to hold on to. Imagine a world without values? Will it be safe? I guess we will have to wait for time to tell.


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