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“Olamide is The One Directing Me” – Portable


In a recent interview with JOI, Portable addresses all the controversies that have surrounded his career since his rise to fame.

It is no news that the Zazoo crooner has publicly called out some of his perceived benefactors like Poko Lee. Reports also have it that he fell off with his promoter, Kogbagidi.

In the course of the interview, Portable mentioned Olamide is now the one directing him and he equally paid for the Zazoo video and production. It was also based on Olamide’s directives that he released his latest single, Ogo Forever.

Additionally, the riding star reviewed that he wasn’t helped by anyone except God as Zazoo was already blowing up before Poco Lee and Kogbagidi contacted him. Furthermore, he stated that he expressed his displeasure towards the fact the song was uploaded as Poco Lee’s song and him the featured artiste, though he was the owner of the song.

Well, like they say it is important to hear from the horse’s mouth. Listen to Portable share his side of the story in his latest featured interview.

After watching his interview has your perspective of the rising star changed? What is your viewpoint? Let us know via the comment section.

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