So last week we talked about open relationships, if you missed it, here you go! Today we would dive deeper and unravel the pros and cons of open relationships!


People who agree to have open relationships and marriages do so because they do not subscribe to the traditional monogamous way of dating, others because they want the experience. The pros of open relationships are:


Being in an open relationship means you must trust your primary partner really well, right? You trust them enough to keep your secrets, respect your boundaries and not go against the rules you both made. I mean you trust them enough to know that no matter where they go or who they meet, they would eventually always come home to you and really that’s a very sweet feeling.

No Need to Be Monogamous

This is a win-win case. You’re eating your cake and having it all at the same time. If you ask me, this open relationship thingy is for greedy people because they want to be with you and still flex around and I mean if you really look into it, you’d agree with me.

For Nnamdi, he wants to be able to go after Cynthia, Adesuwa, Naomi and still come home to Ijeoma.
For Ijeoma, she wants to hang out with Philip, chill with Bode, take gifts from Usman and still call Nnamdi her man. Everybody is happy, right?

Freedom From Guilt

Nnamdi doesn’t feel insecure when Ijeoma’s friend, Nkechi, runs into him at the market with Tolani. He knows his conscience is clear and likewise when Harry, Nnamdi’s brother sees Ijeoma in a posh restaurant with some bloke, she knows she doesn’t need any explanation whatsoever.

Less Chances of Being Heartbroken

I mean you are not exclusive, so also is your heart not exclusive, whatever wants to happen should happen, you can not shame the shameless.

A man and his woman


For every pro, there is a con and in this case I guess there are a lot of cons, except you do not agree with me. Which do you agree to though?


One person is bound to catch feelings and get pretty upset when the going gets really serious. One person might suddenly have a rethink of the situation and realize they’re being short changed and next thing emotions starts flying everywhere.

Commitment Issues

No matter how you paint it, being in an open relationship simply means you can not be fully committed to one person and that’s a huge red flag.

More Distractions

You are juggling between different partners and trying to keep up with them, except you’re unemployed with no focus in this life, you are going to lose that focus you already have and most likely your beauty sleep because there you are trying to please 4 different sexual partners at the same time.

More Expenses

Maintaining one person is a huge investment, throw in 3 extra partners and do the maths.

Higher Risks of Getting an STD

Yes. No matter how careful you think you are, some day you would slip up and mess around and the consequences would hit you and your primary partner hard.

Am I Wasting my Time?

At some point, either you or your partner will have this thought and trust me, this is the beginning of the end.

So there you have it, the pros and cons of open relationships. Thank you to those who left their comments in the previous posts, I love you all! Please leave your comments, rate and share this post, thank you!

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