Open relationships are what’s in vogue at the moment. I saw a movie yesterday, not exactly a movie more like a series, a popular one at that, “Insecure” and this couple had both agreed between themselves to be in an open marriage and when the man, Dro was telling his high school friend Molly, she didn’t know how to take it in and when Molly was telling their other friends Issa and Kelli, they both took it as expected – dead surprised with a drop of disgust.

In as much as open relationships and marriages are a thing, it still hasn’t been accepted by most people. Despite the fact that we are in a woke generation where everyone is playing hard to get, the fact still remains that most of us still believe in the sanctity of love and the sacredness of sticking to one partner.

We see no reasons why we should share our partners with other people, most of us in reality are actually jealous people and in a good way, it is a beautiful thing.

In case you do not know, open relationships/marriages mean Adam is in a romantic, sexual relationship with Eve but then Eve permits him to still see other people, go out on dates with them and even be sexual with them. Yes, so that means basically, what ever Adam and Eve does in their relationships, they can do with other people, although sometimes they have rules and boundaries which must not be crossed but basically it is still the same thing.

The beauty of this though is that it sometimes works for these people. Sometimes. But somehow, I feel that eventually someone is going to catch feelings and get upset or one partner might get too excited and break the rules and most definitely when the other party finds out, it is usually a deal breaker.

Celebrities are not left out on this new trend, we can see the most recent involving Will & Jada & August. Even though, Will & Jada have it all sorted out, it definitely sparked so many rumors when it first came to the public light and got so many people talking on social media. Most definitely, there are other celebrities who are also practicing such but if it works for them, who are we to judge or blame them? To every man his own.

For everything with an advantage there is an equal but opposite disadvantage. Can you think of any advantage of open relationships? I would love to know about it in the comment section. Next week, you would get to find out if you were correct or not. Don’t forget to comment, rate and share my post. I love you!


  1. Being in a relationship is more like “an exclusive” I really don’t understand why I’d say I love someone and still decide to go into an open relationship. Open relationship is a no for me really. It’s better to be fwb really

  2. I don’t see any benefit to open relationship, having multiple sex partners is all I can see and I don’t think it’s an advantage. I can’t wrap my head around loving someone and be in an open relationship, but as you said to every man his own.

  3. Absolutely, Open relationship have no advantage at all. It goes a long way into psychological imbalance, Hatred, Broken home, bad parenting…the lost goes on and on.
    It’s a No for me, and anyone in support of it should be checked

  4. Open relationship is a no no for me, if I love someone then there is no need of sharing my love for the person with another. Is even better I don’t love at all but everyone has their life to live.

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