“A deeper African twist to a universal tale.”

Come Friday, December 11th, the much-anticipated African twist to the universally known story of Jesus the Christ, titled, Our Jesus Story, will hit the cinemas with a resonance of acclamations and praises; judging from the accolades already heaped on the film by those privileged to have seen the feature film at the much-attended movie premiere.

Our Jesus Story, the first of its kind as far as giving an African new interpretation and the use of an all-black African cast and crew goes, promises to be a delightful watch and a much deeper cinema experience this Christmas.

The movie audio is on surround and gives the viewer the best of every little sound coming from different speakers all around the cinema hall, thus giving a much-involving and audience-drawing-in sound experience.

Plus, picture is also of best quality as original footages are filmed on the highly praised Arri Alexa and Sony Cinema cameras with high resolution.

Additionally, locations are as exotic as in the Biblical/Hollywood version, giving the same feel of Jesus years—and times. Costumes are made to precision with nothing left to be desired. Screen and story play is outstanding and language is excellent.

Also, dual plotting and sub plots are of international standards. Postproduction took a whole year and the film is edited to meet all known stellar standards. Our Jesus Story leaves nothing to be desired.

The movie features stars such as Fredrick Leonard, Sam Dede, Eucharia Anunobi, Adjetey Anang, Harry B. Stank K. Amandi, Offiah Mbaka, and many others. Directed by ace and multiple-award winning filmmaker and writer, Tchidi Chikere.

Our Jesus Story tells the story of Tumbiika, a young man condemned to die for love in his pagan native land. He braves an escape from death, but returns twenty years later to find out that his people are as ready to put him to death as they were twenty years ago. It comes as a shocker to them when they find put he is now ready to die. His role model was Jesus Christ, and his story would eventually plunge the people into battle.

Our Jesus Story is a love story on so many levels. It has its fair version of scenes that will make you laugh, cry, think, be thankful, be joyful, and wish for more. It is deep. It is classy. It is African.

The movie opens in cinema theatres from December 11th and is a must-watch. Plus, it offers the much-needed entertainment for this Christmas and New Year season. Happy Christmas in advance guys!

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