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Over 2000 Informants of Bandits Arrested in Zamfara State


The Zamfara State Commissioner of information, Mr Ibrahim Dosara, informed newsmen that over 2000 informants of bandits and suppliers of food to bandits have been arrested. 

This development is an aftermath of the fierce attack on bandits by the military. According to Mr Ibrahim Dosara, the number of bandits in the state has drastically reduced. 80% of bandits have fled Zamfara state. Also, after the arrest of those that supply food to bandits, bandits have been feeding on raw millet and okra.

Over the years, the people of Zamfara state has been terrorized by bandits. However, banditry has been diminished due to relentless attacks on bandits by the military, said the Commissioner.

Furthermore, Mr Ibrahim Dosara expressed thanks to the people of Zamfara State for their continuous prayers and cooperation in the fight against banditry. 

The Commissioner also conveyed the concern of the government regarding the hardship faced by the people due to the intense military campaign against banditry in the state.

He added that before the end of the week, the government of the state shall revive telecommunications services. Telecommunications services were shut down because of the heavy military operations in the state, says the Commissioner in an interactive session with newsmen.

Furthermore, he stated that the state government provided relief materials to the good people of Zamfara State.

In the words of Mr Ibrahim Dosara;

“I am happy to announce that after a month, we have greatly succeeded in many areas…One of the successes is making the bandits flee Zamfara State for fear of being killed…They have settled to using camels to perpetrate violence…Just yesterday, the Sokoto Commissioner of Security in an interview said that 80 per cent have fled to Sokoto, with only 20 per cent in Zamfara and Katsina.”

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