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Photographer Who Deleted His Friend’s Wedding Pictures Speaks Up


Good photography is a non-negotiable element of a wedding celebration. Wedding receptions are regrettably quite frequently far from perfection. The food often doesn’t get to everyone and other glitches occur. Thankfully, pictures do not tell the entire story, therefore, with beautiful pictures, one can establish a better version of their wedding day.   

Honestly, even if you plan your wedding on a miserable budget that leaves half of your guests starving, and you share extremely cheap items in exchange for the gifts received; you can claim to your unborn kids, and guests that would visit your home that you had a fairy tale wedding if your pictures look fly.

Pictures capture our moments and keep them locked as memories we can always revisit. A wedding day is filled with amazing moments that should be captured and kept alive in the form of pictures. So the thought of having a wedding celebration without a single professional picture should be every couple’s nightmare.

Recently, the story of a photographer who deleted all the pictures taken at a wedding after he was denied food trended online. People debated on who was on the right and who was wrong. As usual, people’s opinions were tilted towards both sides of the divide. 

Finally, the photographer in this viral story has responded. Read the response below:

Who do you think was on the wrong? Frankly, shouldn’t the feeding of the photographer and other vendors rendering services at your wedding be a norm? 

In the end, the photographer wasted 10hrs of precious time since no payment was eventually made. In return, the couple has zero professional pictures to show for their wedding. 

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