It’s so funny how Social Media has made us believe “PICTURE PERFECT” relationships are real. They’ve given us the impression that the best kinds of relationships are the ones we see on social media. These days, everyone want to be seen as living the happiest life and being in the perfect relationship, so they take pictures with their spouse, whenever they go out, try to make videos, say sweet things about their partner, all for the gram, all for the likes and intimidating people who don’t live this kind of life.

Just in-case you are saying “I don’t get intimidated”. Try and recollect all the times you’ve spent on social-media, you will notice that when you were scrolling through your phone, there is this excitement seeing celebrities that you like, doing their thing and living their best life, and some of your friends who are flaunting their success and achievements on social media, but the minute you drop your phone, there is this sad feeling you start having, and then you start getting mad at yourself and comparing yourself to those friends of yours.

Let’s think about it, what started this our “GOD WHEN” slang, well for those who aren’t aware how this slang came to be. It is said when we see people on the internet who makes it seem like they are in the sweetest and perfect relationship by posting cute videos of themselves, and then people who feel they don’t have that and want to have such, post those pictures and videos and then caption “GOD WHEN”.

Please guys, If you don’t know, not all who storm social media with lovely posts are living their best life, some just do it cause of peer-pressure, people’s expectations, for a large number of likes and are making dead-ass sacrifice to keep that relationship going, some are not even happy in reality, the only time they look happy is on social media.

There are people who have long-lasting and beautiful relationships and are not flaunting it on Social Media. There are people who have achieved so much but are not intimidating people on social media. The truth of the matter is that people are still going to post, still going to show-off their successes, the only thing we can do is try not to feel intimidated and work towards being a better version of ourselves.

Real happiness does not lie in “PICTURE PERFECT” relationships. Real happiness lies in relationships that are built on true and unconditional love and trust. Do not forget in a relationship, It’s normal for there to be disagreements, fights, arguments, but what makes it stand tall, is when you still find yourself loving each other unconditionally.

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