Rainy Season: These Tips Will Help You Survive The Cold.

As I was sitting down outside — in the veranda of my home— feeling as cold as ice itself, it suddenly hit me that we are gradually moving into the rainy season. These past few days, there has been an unexpected, yet welcoming, drop in temperature — as opposed to the scorching heat that has been available for some months now. However, it is important to note that this drop in temperature also comes with its own share of hazards and complications, cold included.

Research has also proved that most viruses, including the novel coronavirus and the common cold, survive better in colder air. In colder air, viruses are more likely to survive for longer periods and are more likely to invade our cells. In addition, if you are the type that goes out often, germs present in the cold air could very well attach themselves to your skin, thereby putting yourself and your family members in jeopardy. This is more the reason why you should observe proper hand hygiene — and use the tips I am going to be providing below.

  • Avoid situations that can get you sick.

If this pandemic has really taught us anything, it is that we should avoid over-crowded and public places. “Situations” could also include going to that friend’s house (where little Ayo was just sick), sharing/buying of cold beverages, public transportation and whatnot — this really calls for using your judgement.

 Because of the recent re-opening of churches, make sure to wash your hands after entering your home, limit touches and handshakes to the barest minimum, and use sanitizers as often as possible.

  • Keep your defences up!

At this time of the year, you want to give your immune system all the help it can get. Make sure to manage your stress levels and get adequate sleep. I know many of us are busy for a whole lot of reasons during this lockdown — all the more reason to get enough rest!

In fact, the main reason we fall sick in the first place is that we do not take steps to make sure we take some time off to reduce stress. Don’t worry, that money is not going anywhere#wink — after all, no amount of money is worth your life.

  • Eat helpful foods.

Yes! Some foods that can help relax your mind, while boosting your immune system — foods you have probably never thought of. One of them is garlic. Forget bad breath, this useful piece of ‘machinery’ helps to protect the body from cold. Among others, it helps boost your immune system, and fight bacterial as well as fungal infections. Trust me; its benefits cannot be over-emphasized.

In addition, foods like ginger, red pepper, and chocolate should be eaten. These foods have been shown to have compounds, which inhibit the progress or viruses and protect against cold.

In addition, drink lots of water. There is no was like the old way, right? Water can be very supportive in these times as it helps to loosen up bodily fluids. I suggest you take the recommended eight glasses each day — but if that seems unreasonable, just make sure you drink water before you feel dehydrated.

  • Heat stuff up.

This should already be a common knowledge, but it definitely will not hurt to remind you. Take more of warm drinks like tea and coffee and avoid very cold beverages and water. It is also advisable to take baths with warm water at least twice a week — it helps to detoxify your system.

Lastly, none of us can neither protect ourselves, nor guarantee that we will not fall sick, on our own. We all need the protection of our Father who is able to cover us with his broad wings, away from infirmities and sicknesses. And just in case you do not feel well, do not hesitate to declare the potent words of Saint Peter in 1 Peter 2: 24b —because by His wounds, you have been healed!

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  1. Nice helpful tips. What a way to prepare for this raining season.Thanks and God bless you real good.

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