The consequences of poor communication in a relationship can endanger a relationship.

For a relationship to work, there needs to be communication, and not just that, but also for both partners to be able to comprehend, that which was communicated.

A lot of relationships have ended due to a lack of communication. In essence, I’m saying every relationship needs communication to survive. No matter what you are going through, try to communicate to your partner, never keep your partner in the dark.

A lot of us ladies complain most times, our partner doesn’t know what we want, he just does as he feels like. Okay. but then did you convey to him, how you wanted to be treated, or you assumed he should know.

Assumptions are the major problems in relationships. So rather than assume, communicate.

How do you know when there is a communication breakdown? Well, you will feel like the other person is not listening, you both argue often, you are not able to understand each other again like you used to.

You lost your job, Communicate.
You are going through a rough patch, Communicate.
You don’t like something your partner is doing, Communicate.
You had a bad day at work, Communicate.
You notice things have changed, Communicate.
Mood Swings, Communicate.

I guess that will save a lot of relationships.
So yeah, put this in action and thank me later. Don’t go yet, do rate, drop a comment and let people know, what other things they should communicate in their relationships.

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