These days almost everyone is in a relationship. Not that it is a bad thing but if you ask why they are together, you’d realize there is little or nothing they know about being in a relationship.

Some people are dating themselves solely for their own selfish, personal gains. Whilst one partner is putting in their all, the other is simply there being a parasite.

This is not to say there aren’t beautiful couples out there. Contrary to popular opinion, there are more beautiful relationships than sad ones. It is just that these couples would rather keep their lives private to avoid stories that touch.

From my experience, here are 5 reasons why people get into relationships:

1. To avoid being lonely

No matter how tough you are, or pretend to be, somehow you’d always yearn for human companionship. That’s why a woman was made for a man. No man is an island. Everyone wants someone they can talk to at the end the day, call when they have exciting news or when they’re having a bad day. So it is understandable when people get hooked to avoid loneliness, even though it’s a not so good reason.

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2. What they can gain from their ‘partner’

These are the greedy folks and they know themselves. They agree to date each other solely because the other party is comfortable and is generous. Deep down they know nothing can come of it, yet they go in deceiving theirselves and their partners.

3. To show off

Everyone is in a relationship. Loved up pictures continue to stream into the digital space every second of every minute of everyday. Except you are a private person, you would also want to join the bandwagon. And no, there is no crime in showing off your partner, but if that is the main reason you’re saying yes, then you should have a rethink.



4. Everyone has a bae

You look around your circle and all your friends have a someone in their lives and you’re there, single pringle. Thus the next person who shows the slightest interest in you gets a yes from you. Or the next girl you see automatically fits to be asked out. Nope! Burn that thought. Yes, burn it. Why? Terrible idea.

5. Love

One genuine reason you should say yes. Love. Need I say more? No. But please be sure you genuinely love this person. 1st Corinthians 13.

So there you have it, my 5 reasons. What are yours?


  1. Few people go into relationships because they feel their partner has a good knowledge base. They are intelligent and that is a major interest., you could call it selfish because they feel they want to learn from this person, and most times they don’t offer anything they just keep learning and learning and then move on.

    Some marry for status

    Some go into relationships out of pity, cos someone has been asking them out for long, or done a favor.

    1. You are so on point! Imagine dating someone out of pity? Everything the person does will irritate you.

  2. The best kind of “Yes” still remains the one that comes straight from the heart.

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