The management of veteran singer, 2Face Idibia, debunks the reports about the vocalist impregnating another woman.

The rumour of the singer having another baby mama on the way sprouted after he penned a lengthy apology note to his wife, and family over shortcomings.

In an official statement released by the management of 2Face Idibia, the report is confirmed to be blatantly false.

The statement reads, “It is understandable for fans, friends and concerned members of public to get curious and seek to know why @official2baba posted an apology to his wife, @annieidibia1, family and management a few days ago.

We would like to put it on record that the “why” is exactly what was explicitly spelt out in the same post – the pressure of almost a quarter of century of superstardom and a wish to focus on making music without the burden of high expectations of a role model.

Reports of him getting anyone pregnant are totally false and malicious and we urge well-meaning media platforms and members of the public to completely disregard such. It is fake news.

Many would recall that this fictitious banker character has been repeatedly getting e-pregnant for @official2baba every two or three years since 2014. There is no iota of truth in this allegation.

– Now Muzik.”

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