Seek Patient’s Consent before Subjecting Them to Student Doctors.

A Nigerian lady has asked Nigerian doctors to always seek the consent of their patients before exposing them to hordes of student doctors and their other colleagues. 

The lady with the handle @eketiette said a patient’s privacy is their legal right and must be respected. She opined that a patient must be asked if they would want to be exposed to student doctors during an examination. Her tweet reads,

”Many of our doctors in Teaching Hospitals must learn to seek a patient’s consent before exposing them to a horde of student doctors and colleagues. Patient privacy is a legal right! You can’t be holding a lady’s breast in your hands and call all and sundry to come & see. Na ment?”

This disdain for those who demand their right to privacy, telling them to go to private hospitals if they don’t want to be seen by others, is trash. Stop treating living people like cadavers! When asked, many patients agree to be part of the teaching process. Do the right thing.

Medical personnel in these comments making up excuses for trash actions, when a simple, “Please, may we do so and so?” would suffice. A few actually said the words, “implied consent” in 2021. I see you people.”

Other Nigerians in the comment section added their voice to the call for doctors to always seek consent before inviting student doctors to see their patients.

On a personal note, I also have been subjected to personal examination by students who were not my doctor. Without seeking for my consent or whatnot, I suddenly observed various faces in white coats, hovering around my bed. As the orthodontist worked on my teeth, she didn’t waste time in asking them various questions relating to the procedure.

Even as I silently smiled as she dissed them when their answers weren’t right, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that my privacy was being violated.

Do you have a similar experience? Or would like to give your opinion on the matter? Feel free to use the comments.

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