Seyi Law celebrates President Tinubu, says his supporters still believe in him

After commending the president for his work so far, he highlighted areas were he wants to see improvements.

President Bola-Ahmed Tinubu celebrated his first year in office on the 29th of May, 2024, and Nigerian comedian Seyi Law has praised the former for a job well done so far.

Taking to his X account, the comedian congratulated the president on one year in office,0 but highlighted areas which he feels need improvements.

He began, “The journey to reposition Nigeria has been arduous but your unwavering dedication is truly commendable. I firmly believe in your ability to transform Nigeria into a nation that provides equal opportunities for all. The renewed hope agenda remains alive and well, fuelled by the courage that sustains us, your supporters.”

“I extend my personal salute for the successful launch of the student loan program. Your efforts in the field of information technology through the 3MTT program have left a long-lasting impact as evidenced by the beneficiaries who stand as testimonials to your commitment.”

“Turning to security matters, the military has made significant strides, although there is still work to be done. In the Ministry of Interior Affairs, your achievements are noteworthy. Nigerians now celebrate the ease of passport procurement and improved security at airports, thanks to the introduction of e-gates,” he added.

The comedian concluded by calling the president’s attention to issues in the agricultural sector seeking urgent intervention.

“However, Your Excellency, alongside our celebrations, there are pressing concerns. Urgent intervention is needed in the agricultural sector and we eagerly await news regarding the new minimum wage. While infrastructural development is commendable, addressing door availability remains a critical priority. In conclusion, I extend heartfelt congratulations on reaching the milestone of your first test in office. May God continue to bless Nigeria,” he concluded.

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