Shocking Reasons Why Kiddwaya was Evicted and the Housemate Set to Benefit.

Billionaire son Kiddwaya has been evicted from the Big Brother Naija house alongside Prince. Frankly, Prince was never a top competitor despite his amazing personality. His Instagram page just clocked 300k which is poor compared to the other housemates. Nevertheless, best of luck to him. 

Kiddwaya at a point became a top 5 material. After Erica’s disqualification, most people assumed his fan base would double as both Wayademgang and Elites would vote for him. Surprisingly, to them, because I am not surprised, Kiddways got evicted a week later. Obviously, due to his less vote compared to other housemates, he was evicted. However, some underlying factors led to that. I am here to inform you of all of those factors, and who would benefit from his eviction.

The Actions that Caused Kiddwaya’s Eviction

A GoFundMe Account Was Created for Erica.

Kiddwaya’s fan base did not get the expected double support as Erica’s fans were too busy raising money for her. The last time I checked, over $30,000 have been donated to her GoFundMe account. Though this is far from their $100,000 target, their efforts are commendable.

Erica Unfollowed Kiddwaya

Though in her first interview after her disqualification, she smiled while talking about her relationship with Kiddwaya. Although she admitted they both got each other into trouble and earned strikes, one could tell she was in love with him. So it was quite stunning after she unfollowed him on Instagram.

She unfollowing him felt like a sign that she was not rooting for him. Therefore her fans were totally discouraged from voting from him.

Terry Waya.

Music producer Samklef was not totally wrong for blaming Terry Waya for his son’s eviction. Terry Waya almost became the 21st housemate as he kept granting interviews and going live to talk about the show. In an online live chat, he disclosed that if his son won, half of the money would be given to Erica and the other half to charity. So if his son doesn’t win he won’t support Erica? This conditional statement did not sit well with most fans. People felt he was simply using Erica to get her fans to vote for his son. 

Also, the idea of giving half of the money to charity made it look like his son didn’t need the money.  Therefore, it was best to vote for housemates that needed the money. Terry Waya brought his political tongue to the game, but he forgot that this is BBN and not Nigerian Elections. He can’t be the kingmaker this time around.

Kiddwaya Getting Close to Laycon

Laycon and Kiddwaya had a strange friendship even before Erica’s disqualification. The friendship is strange as they both want the same girl. After Erica chose Kiddwaya over Laycon, people expected a conflict between the two guys. Surprisingly, they displayed topnotch maturity and became good friends. Kiddwaya is interested in investing in Laycon. According to him, he would sponsor a song collaboration of Laycon, Vee, and Trikytee. The song video would be shot in his family’s Versace home.

The friendship grew into a bromance after Etica was disqualified. This didn’t sit well with Erica’s fans because they blame Laycon for her disqualification. This might be the reason she even unfollowed Kiddwaya. Interesting!

Kiddwaya’s Manager.

Thanks to Kiddwaya’s closeness with Laycon, his fans were moved to vote for him since their boy was not up for Eviction. However, Kiddwaya’s manager happened! She went on a live chat and said she will not allow Laycon to be friends with Kiddwaya outside the house. In fact, the gate to Kiddwaya’s house will not be opened to Laycon. Wow!

Her hate speech towards Laycon stopped most of his fans from voting for Kiddwaya.

Nigerians, are known for not supporting rich kids. This mentality affected him from the jump of the show. Honestly, the odds were really against that young man. Nevertheless, he proved that one can be privileged, confident yet humble. Better days are definitely ahead for him.

Who is Set to Benefit From Kiddwaya and Prince Disqualification?

As a one-woman army, Team Dorathy did well. Ozo may have topped the chat, but he did that because his team had alliances. However, without any alliance, Dorathy’s percentage was close to his. I guess both she and Laycon are the strongest.

Fortunately for her, after the eviction of her friend Prince and even Kiddwaya she had gained support.

People will be rooting for Dorathy to stop Laycon from winning. For Laycon’s sake, I hope the love people have for him is stronger than the hate he receives. 

The game is far from over. At this stage, if you snooze, you lose. 

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