Slay Queen expresses anger over criticism for monetizing her private Snapchat account

An individual referred to as a slay queen has voiced her frustration after facing criticism for making money through her private Snapchat account.

The identity of this lady remains unknown, but reports indicate that she charged N100k for access to her private snaps, with plans to increase the fee to N150k by the weekend. However, she mentioned that she was currently at the salon, and anyone who covers the cost of her 58k lashes and nails would receive discounted access.

The controversial statement was allegedly made on her Snapchat account, and someone captured a screenshot of it and shared it on a website.

Slay queen fumes after being criticized for making money via her private Snapchat

As a result, the slay queen faced backlash from social media users who condemned her for partaking in such activities.

In response to the criticism, she called out the person who recorded her snap to come forward and take responsibility for their actions. She asserted that her primary focus is on making money, and she is already successful in that regard.

Furthermore, she expressed her indifference towards people’s opinions about her.

In her own words:

“I couldn’t care less about what people think. My main focus is generating money, which I am already doing. If you can’t comprehend that, it’s not my problem. I’m being true to myself, and I will continue to do so. If you dislike it, tough luck.”

This incident has sparked a variety of reactions on social media, with some individuals criticizing the lady for engaging in such activities, while others support her right to make her own choices regarding her body and life.

Check out the reactions below:

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