Spiritual Fervour—Then and Now.

Just the other day, my mentor came round the house to drop some stuff for my dad; and a couple of suggestions for me, if I might add. Subsequently, the two of them—including my mother—picked up a discussion about the “fervour” of the Church at large, using our own church as a model. (A discussion that I was privileged to listen to, but not partake in).

As my mother was literally re-living the days in which she just joined the church, I could not help but notice the passion with which she spoke of the love and togetherness that the brethren exuded. The dedication and eagerness to serve the Lord was on a very different level, too. Besides, if I start talking about the high and unnatural level of discipline and hierarchy that was obtainable, I don’t think I’ll finish this article in a go.

Even my dad didn’t relent as he started sharing his own share of persecution and embarrassment—all in the name of preaching the gospel. I could still see traces of agony in his expressions as he talked about how he was stripped of his post as choir director, all because of a misunderstanding with the head pastor.

I don’t want to create the impression that this is all talk—because I witnessed it! How? You might ask. Yes, I particularly had the privilege to watch one of my father’s ministrations back then. I mean, as a musically inclined individual, I could not, for the life of me, point out any genius in arrangement, or composition—parts, or instrumentals. Yet, through the song (in all its simplicity and trueness of heart), I felt the presence of God; and it was as real in that video as it was where I was sitting. It was that powerful!

I’m very sure you’d have had cause to relate to this experience, either through the same means, or otherwise. The point remains that the fervour of the average Christian has reduced—drastically. As I like to say, it is all a matter of perspective.

A school of thought would argue that it is vain and futile to start comparing two obviously different generations. After all, the Bible made mention of the truth “…they that compare themselves among themselves are not wise”—or in other words, they are foolish. To be honest, I’ve had cause to side with this perspective too.

It was a case of a choir member in fellowship, and she was seething and enraged because our level of dedication to the unit was getting questionable. While I was seated, I could not help but wonder, “These guys still think we’re living in the old ages. Why can’t someone tell them that what was applicable then, may not be now”? Like I said…I couldn’t help but wonder.

Another person may reason that we face too much of temptations in the 21st Century. That the amount of distractions—technology and all—is so much, that you cannot escape it. To be sincere, we probably may never be able to escape it. Besides, to be tempted is not a sin, but to yield is another matter entirely.

The Bible says we are tempted by our desires: the only way a bait can catch an unsuspecting animal, is if the animal is truly hungry. The devil will probably never tempt you with hard drugs, if he knows that your own “Delilah” is women; and he will not tempt with women, if he knows yours is money.

The point I am making is that it all boils down to our hearts. What dominates your thoughts? Recently, because I have cause to post articles on special days, all that dominates my thoughts are what to write, ideas that people may want to be familiar with, questions that could arise even as the lockdown continues. In the same vein, a person who constantly thinks of making money will also find that he/she is going in that direction. If we apply parallelism, the only way we can enjoy God, and have as much spiritual fervour as we desire is if He dominates our thoughts. It’s that, or no other way. Meditation will drive you to ask questions, to find out more in His Word, to desire to communicate with Him—and that is where Hunger begins. From there, it can only get better.

I’m writing to encourage you to keep your faith in Him, to remember His Love for you, and to trust that he has nothing but the best plans in store for you. Happy New Month!

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  1. This is a thought provoking piece… the truth has never sounded this TRUE!… Kudos Testimony!

    You’re an Achebe in the making bro… EXCELLENT PIECE!

  2. Yay!!!! Always Cool and nice.. keep it up…I wasn’t able to read ur last article can you send the link

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