Story Time: How I Started Loving Maths.

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I will try my absolute best, to be as brief as possible with this story. When I was younger, when all math involved was numbers (1+1=2), maths was simple, but it became more difficult as I moved forward, the use of BODMAS and the likes.


When I was in primary 4, I use to get 0/5 what Nigerians called “Odo” so at that time you could call me the perfect “Olodo”. Nothing that has to do with Maths use to enter my head.

My primary school, Prime Montessori School (the best in the world) not to brag, but then, I haven’t seen any competition. Going to primary 6 was like going to hellfire. Our teacher in Grade 6 was a terror, you can’t pass through Grade 6 without knowing book, never.

I never wanted to go to Grade 6, cause of what I heard from my seniors, but then due to one thing or the other, I found myself in that class. Our frequent morning lessons and Saturday lessons, and the countless flogging I got from going to Grade 6, turned my brain around, and I started loving Maths, to the extent that, when I went to write my common entrance, a woman told my mum that, if I keep up with this, I’m most likely to get a scholarship from the school, because I nailed my exam.

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Update, Scholarship I no see. I left the school in JSS 1 to another school, a story for another day, but my love for Maths hasn’t dropped, and I have God to thank for that, for making me go through Grade 6, the entire process was tiring and provocative but it was all worth it.

For people who love Maths, you can ask them, the sweetest part about Maths is the frustration that comes with getting the answer wrong continuously or almost getting the answer. Only a Math lover, will still hold onto one Math question and solve it countless times, till they get the right answer, and when we finally do, the happiness that comes with it, is priceless.

I don’t know how to explain the feeling I get, when someone doesn’t know Maths and they refer the person to me, it’s a beautiful feeling.

So yea, this is the story of how I started loving maths. Let me know yours, if you have one, in the comments section below. If you can’t relate to anything said, do leave us with a comment as well. Above all, kindly rate this post, and do share, thank you.

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