The Real Madrid president took aim at one Premier club after plans to establish the Super League failed.

Earlier this week, the footballing world was rocked to it’s foundation when news came of the formation of the Super League. This League was to be formed by Europe’s 12 biggest clubs as founding clubs. These plans have failed, however as majority of these founding clubs have withdrawn from the competition.

All six teams of the Premier League involved in the project withdrew from the Super League in quick succession on Tuesday night. This was evident after the project received backlash from fans, pundits and the football community.

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez claims that one amongst the Premier League teams infected others involved in the project with their disinterest. According to him, this team violated a binding agreement to remain in the newly formed project.

Perez, who was named president of the Super League refused to disclose the name of the English team. He also expressed his disappointment at the failure of the project.

“There was one club in the English group that did not have much interest and that could infect others,” He told El Larguero.

“That club, which I am not going to say their name, signed a binding agreement. I am convinced that if this project does not come out, another will come out.

“I’m sad and disappointed. We’ve been working for years on this, looking to see how to make things better from a football and economic point of view.

“The leagues are sacred. What we can change is the midweek games. The Champions League is obsolete. It’s only interesting from the quarter-finals.”

Perez revealed also that he could pursue legal consequences against the Premier League teams, though no specific details has been offered yet. He said; “The contracts were binding.”

“With legal contracts you cannot leave like this. The contacts belong to serious people, businessmen who know this world. The first thing we have agreed is to stop and start explaining this as we should have done.”

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