Five-year-old Hanifa Abubakar was kidnapped and eventually killed by her school teacher. 

This tragic and horrifying incident occurred in Kano State, Nigeria. The little girl was kidnapped in December on her way home from school.

Hanifa’s abductors demanded a six million naira ransom. Still, even after receiving the ransom, the little girl was murdered.

According to Abdulmalik Mohammed, who was her teacher and kidnapper, 

“He abducted Hanifa and kept her in his house. He claimed that the little girl recognized him, so he killed her by feeding her rat poison. Thereafter, he conspired with one Hashim Isyaku to bury her remains at Noble Kids Academy, in Nassarawa Local Government.”

While her family were rigorously looking for their daughter for nearly two months, Hanifa Abubakar was killed and buried by her kidnapper who was also her school teacher.  

Eventually, the police were able to apprehend her killer and where she was buried was discovered. The remains of the child were dug out and she was later buried according to the Islamic burial rite.

The apprehended teacher has confessed to his crimes and provided the names of some of his accomplices. 

When the Facebook profile of Abdulmalik Mohammed was found, his bio is a total contrast to his actions. This says a lot about how people on social media can be different from who they are in reality.

Presently, the Kano State Government has ordered the closed of Noble Kids Academy, in Nassarawa Local Government. This is the school where Hanifa’s remains were buried in a shallow grave by her killers.

On social media, the #JusticeForHanifa hashtag is currently trending. Various individuals are calling for her murderers to be brought to justice. 

In a tweet, Bashir Ahmed shares that President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed his condolences to Hanifa’s family.

#JusticeForHanifa, Some Tweets as Seen on Twitter;

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