Hair loss is a major problem, a lot of people are facing. For some, it’s hereditary, while for others it could be bad maintenance, climate change, stress, and bad products.

A lot of people have asked many questions, looking for answers to the best solution for hair loss. Well, I got you covered. Just have this in mind, if you ever want to get results from this, you need to be consistent.

Before taking any step in finding the best solution for your hair loss problems, you need to know what’s the cause, and as I said, it differs from people.

If the cause of your hair loss is a hereditary condition. The best solution to take is to be able to slow further hair loss by using Minoxidil( for both men and women) and Finasteride ( for just men).


If your case is due to bad maintenance, then you need to start taking good care of your hair by washing your hair with a mild shampoo regularly. Taking the right vitamins for your hair such as Vitamin A, E, and B

Lastly, if the cause is due to bad products, get better products, and make use of them properly. I’ll recommend Nexxus( Shampoo and Conditioner), Hair Wonder, Castor Oil.

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