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The Best Thing You Will Hear About Exposure Today.


I hear people talk about Exposure and there is a lot I hear. People do say in this time and age, you have to be exposed. My mum use to say this proverb in my native language that says ” You can’t be in season, and be asking if the season is fine”

It might not make sense to you now, but when said in my language, you can easily pick up the interpretation.
It’s saying, things can’t be happening around you, and then you are not aware, or you don’t even care to know.

So, we should be exposed to the world around us, our environment, our society, the company we keep, our hygiene, and the like.

The world is changing and we need to adapt to a lot of things. Learn new things. Engage in meaningful discussions, you may not speak much, cause you have little knowledge, but do listen.


Try as much as possible to listen more than you speak. Crave more knowledge. Try to find out what the market wants, in order for you to know where to push your focus.

Above all, there is someone who never changes, His name is God. You probably hear about him every day. There’s more to him than you think, so get exposed there as well, I repeat, Get exposed there as well. In all you do, seek knowledge and understanding.

Be Exposed.

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