Beep! Beep! Rang Jenny’s phone. The 29-year-old lazily took her phone prepared to curse at the caller for interrupting her sleep. To her surprise, it was John calling her that early morning on such a day. John was her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, and that day was her best friend’s wedding day. They all used to be super close during their university days before John broke up with Remy.

“Hello,” said Jenny with a sleepy voice. “Why didn’t your friend invite me to her wedding? I thought we were on good terms? To think I heard about her marriage randomly is unfair.” John demanded. Jenny was taken aback she didn’t know Remy didn’t invite John. After all, they were still civil with each other. “I don’t know why she didn’t invite you, call her and ask her. After all, you broke things up with her!” She replied more aggressively than she planned. “Alright then, I hope she is really happy. Have a nice day.” He hung the phone on her.

Jenny couldn’t return to sleep. She sat up wondering why Remy didn’t tell her she wasn’t inviting John. If only Remy and John ended up together, today would have been perfect. John was from a wealthy family and would have given his bride a glamorous wedding. She didn’t know much about Ken, her friend’s soon to be husband. Both he and Remy were based in Abuja, while she lives in Lagos. And from her observations during the bachelor party, Ken was not the friendly type. Also, the wedding seems to be on a low budget. There was nothing classy about the setting.

She sighed, she stood up from her bed and went to the room next to hers. She knocked and was invited inside. She saw her friend pacing around the room. “Good morning, what is wrong? Asked a concerned Jenny. “My makeup artist is still not here yet. I don’t blame her, if not that she is affordable than the others I would not have settled for her.” Said an angry Remy. “I’m sure she would be here.” Said Jenny trying to calm her friend. “Besides, John called and complained bitterly about you not inviting him to your wedding. Why didn’t you invite him? I thought you guys were cordial with each other.” “Why does he want to attend my wedding?” Demanded a furious Remy. Jenny has never seen her friend that angry. “He wants to come so that he can see the man I settled for after he left me dry and cold!” Before Jenny could respond the door was flung open and the makeup artist stepped inside.

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The makeup artist was a dark and chubby lady. Whose height and weight combination made her look like a ball. She looked sweaty and was trying to catch her breath as if she had been running. She apologized profusely and started her job. By 9:50 am, Remy was all dressed up and she looked stunning. Jenny the chief bridesmaids and the other bridesmaids gathered around her as some of the girls were tapping into her blessing. Suddenly, the door was flung open violently and Ken stood in the room all dressed up. “What the F**k is wrong with you Remy.” He said shouting at the top of his voice while pointing violently at his soon-to-be bride. “Look at the time, we are almost late, and you are here standing like some statue. Did I bring my family down here to experience this nonsense? What the hell! You had better be in the car before I get there.” He stormed off and his sister, who had been standing by the door, sighed loudly and walked away.

Remy’s eyes began to drop tears. Her make-up was getting spoilt but everyone was too stunned to act. They all looked at themselves astonished. How did a sweet, nice, and calm Remy end up with such a man? Is this not a serious red flag? Jenny wondered silently. Won’t it be best if she runs away from the marriage before it is too late? Before Jenny could speak up, Remy’s elder sister walked into the room. “Remy, I saw Ken shouting outside. I even heard him shout at you.” She said calmly. “Don’t take it to heart. The devil is trying to destroy this marriage. They are trying to manipulate things but God will not let them succeed. My beautiful sister will be a Mrs somebody today. The devil can only try.” She turned and gave the makeup artist a disgusting look. “All this is your fault. Your inability to keep to time caused this nonsense, if anything goes wrong, I will hold you responsible. Dab her face a little so she can go to the car.”

Jenny stood there not knowing what to do. If she says what was on her mind, she would be accused of being jealous of her friend, therefore, wants to destroy her marriage. Especially since she was unmarried. She wished John would come and take Remy away like it was done in movies, but unlike in movies, where the screenwriters determine the narrative, this is real life. She watched her friend helplessly walk out the door, and she finally realized why Remy was angry at John for leaving her, causing her to settle for less. 

Jenny could hear the makeup artist and bridesmaids talking in low tones. All those that tapped into the marriage were beginning to reject it. Just like her, they knew Remy was journeying into sealing her nightmare. This was not the happiest day of her friend’s life, it was the day she made a grim mistake.

The end.

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