It’s that time of the year again…where we celebrate the birth of Jesus. But some of us do not actually know why we celebrate?

Christmas is that time a lot of us spend time with our loved ones, try to make good memories with one another you know, I can go on and on but then is that what Christmas is really about?

What is the essence of Christmas? To know the essence of something, you have to first know what it is. Christmas is a celebration or an event celebrated by Christians in order to commemorate the birth of Christ

It is important because it is not just about the merry making, It is really about the spirit it brings. The spirit of Giving and of Love.

Also, we should not focus so much on the physical things, but more of the eternal. This is a time you should seclude yourself and appreciate God for sparing your life, this year has not been an easy one and you witnessing Christmas, trust me is an achievement many didn’t reach, and it’s worth giving thanks for.
These days we tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas and put our attention on the festivity alone, but I beg you not to forget about the little child who was born on this special day, a King born in a manger who came into this world and not only taught us but also showed us what true and unconditional love is.

As we celebrate tomorrow, let’s carry the Christmas Spirit with us and let’s show love and kindness in ways we’ve never done.

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