The First Owambe Party I Ever Attended.

Happy New Month Fam❤️. If you are seeing this, I congratulate you, It’s not been an easy year at all, but look we made it to November, all thanks to God.

So guys I decided to drop this gist for you guys, so I wanted to share with you all, my first ever owambe party.
You know how a friend of yours go for a better owambe party and she’s giving you all the juicy details back to back, yeah guys mostly talk about the food, no offense, but the ladies will give you every detail.

I happened to tell a friend of mine, that I was going to this big wedding, the first thing she asked was ” Is it an owambe party? ” I was like before… so we both got excited and she started gisting me, and I was happy, I’m finally going to an Owambe Party, with the thought that any Yoruba wedding party is an Owambe Party.

I had three things in mind, the food, the souvenir, the fun. It was D-Day, My sisters and I were getting ready, only for my Dad to come out of the room already dressed, with his car keys. I came out to ask if he was already going, and my dad likes being sarcastic, so he gave me that sarcastic response that got me more upset. After that my dad said, If he steps into that car and we are nowhere to be found, he will leave us. My sisters and I got pissed, we had to start rushing so we would meet up with him, because nobody got money for public transport, and I hate looking all good and going by public transport.

My mum came out looking peng as usual, and I’m thinking, how did this woman get ready this quick. She left the house and the next thing we heard was my Dad’s car horn, like come on, to cut the long story short, we chased after the car, I’m sure the whole world figured out we were going for a wedding.

Dads can be extra a-times. I was so angry, and guess what worsened it? we got to the venue and we were the first to get there, they were just arranging the place, everyone was still at the wedding ground, but the only good thing about that was we got a front table, where you can see everything, but then I looked everywhere, this is not what I pictured in my mind, this is not what I was told I’ll see, the venue didn’t look like I pictured, It was not in a hall, It was an open field, and they were just putting out the canopy. I decided to chill that maybe I’m just jumping to a conclusion, the reception hasn’t even started.

Finally, the reception started, it was nothing close to what I pictured, you know how Expectation Vs Reality is, mehn I couldn’t believe my eyes, me that was already promising my classmates, that meat and chicken sure them, it did not even sure me.

When I knew everything was over was when I was told to go join the people serving to give food to people, and in my mind, I was like, what do these people take me for, with all this fineness, I should serve people food, but I couldn’t say it out cause I knew my fate, my parents were there, so I just smiled and agreed.

Sometimes what we expect, is not what we get, I’m sure I’m not the only one on this table. Please do well to leave a comment telling me about a wedding experience you will never forget. Please do share❤️, Thank you.

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  1. Lol. You def are not. I don’t have any experiences with weddings tho. But sometimes what you expect does not happen. It’s perfectly natural. And the only thing you can do is move on!

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