The Major Thing That Stops You From Achieving Your Dream

I just wanted to drop this, for someone who would really need it. A lot of times why many people are not able to fulfill their dreams, it’s because they told it to small minded people

If you want to kill a big dream, tell it to a small minded person, you know what these people do, they literally give you many reasons why it won’t work, they will tell you it has a lot of risk and it would not work, they hardly ever support or give you words of affirmation, and if you are weak, you end up giving up that dream, by believing the lies they tell you.

I wanted to tell you today, that big dream you have, that doesn’t sound possible, that looks very funny and unrealistic, God put that dream in you, because he knows you can do it, he knows you can achieve it, so quit telling people who are all pessimistic and discouraging. Tell people who are like minded and see how far you will go

I dropped a video down, please do well to watch it and be inspired. Thank you.

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