The Name of The Lord (Part 1)

One of the first stories we got to learn as Christians is the story of the Red Sea, the children of Israel, and the Egyptians. It is a very interesting and suspense-filled story. You can go ahead and agree with me?.

The Israelites just left Egypt in a hurry. Many years before then, their ancestors stepped feet on the soil of Egypt. You know the story, and how they were in the bondage of slavery and oppression by Pharaoh. Then Yahweh showed up. He found Moses, gave a demonstration of the ten plagues. And at the tenth, the Israelites were free to go serve their God.

Along the line, after the Israelites left, hard-hearted Pharaoh and his top citizens realized that they had made a grave mistake. They put their army in array, and recklessly pursued the Israelites.

Upon seeing their once-upon-a-time slave masters, panic spread around the camp like a pandemic. Who wouldn’t get scared? The army of the world power at that time coming after you with all their weapons and ammunitions!

As if that wasn’t enough, they had the Red Sea right in front of them, mountains on both sides. They were finished! At least that was what it looked like.

But Moses, the leader filled with insight, faith instead of fear, called upon the name of the Lord. The name that is a strong tower which houses and protects the righteous. The name that is mighty beyond comprehension of any Pharaoh and his host. The name that is our salvation, defence, and holiness. He called on the ‘I AM’.
And check out what Moses said to the people;

Do not be afraid! Take your stand [be firm and confident and undismayed] and see the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you today; for those Egyptians whom you have seen today, you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you while you [only need to] keep silent and remain calm.

(Exodus 14:13,14 AMP)

Moses was like, first things first, eliminate that fear. When that fear is dissolved, we can now talk about you (yes, you) taking your stance with confidence. I wonder how confident we can be with fear looming in our hearts and minds. What is the outcome of fear suppressing our confidence?

He continued by saying that afterwards, you will see how God will miraculously save you despite the tight conner of ‘impossibility’ you find yourself stuck in.
You will see how God will defeat the sources of your fears, give you victory over them, and fight for you. Leave it for God to handle! There is one more thing you need to do; shhhhhhh- keep quiet, and calm your nerves.

You cannot be trusting God for victory while you also use your mouth negatively, invoking the first-class spirit of destruction, defeat and ultimately death. You cannot allow your mouth proclaim blessings, and then revoke them with curses. No, it’s not done that way.

When you decide to trust God, you trust Him wholly as the Lord who is capable of helping you out of your unpalatable dilemma.

And you know what happened in the story?

The Red Sea got parted, and the Israelites walked right through it. When the enemies tried copying them, they were overthrown by the waters and drowned. And that is exactly how God will overthrow your sins, sorrows, sicknesses, and satanic oppressions.

Imagine how many valiant men of Egypt was lost because of the bad decision of one man. The choices we make, irrespective of the weight we attach to them are responsible for the kind of life we eventually live. The consequences of our actions await us in the future, ready to haunt us.

So, what choices are we allowing ourselves to indulge in? Will they destroy us, or design us to the fulfilment of our destinies?

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