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The One Thing You Should Never Sacrifice


To make sacrifices is a component of human nature. Evidently, It is the various sacrifices we make that generates a liveable world. However, everything has a limit and there is one thing we should never sacrifice.

A soldier sacrifices his life and comfort for the safety of his country. A father sacrifices for the well-being of his family. A mother sacrifices her body and life for her children. Lovers sacrifice daily for each other. People sometimes sacrifice their dreams for their families and friends. Not even animals are exempted from making sacrifices. If you doubt this, attempt to hurt a chick in the presence of its mother hen. 

Regardless of how vital sacrifices are, there is one thing that should never be sacrificed. Not on the altar of love, religion, love of country or even for the sake of family. 

This one quirk is where you must draw the line. 

Never Sacrifice Your Thinking Prowess

George Orwell’s 1984 is an excellent fictional novel that showcases just how feeble life becomes when the thought processes of people are suppressed and controlled.

The major distinction between man and animals do not lie in the uniqueness of our appearance or ability to procreate. Some animals are equally aesthetically pleasing and can procreate. However, the major distinction lies in the prowess of our minds. The ability to think for ourselves, solve problems and make choices.

The ability to peer at the same situation and draw different conclusions is a unique feature of humans. Our minds are capable of interpreting reality differently and that is one ability that should never be sacrificed.

In Christian theology, the creation story narrates how powerful God is. Nevertheless, he gave man the ability to think for himself and make choices, whether good or bad. In Genesis 2:16-17, God instructed Adam saying,

And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden;(17) but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”


The passage proves that from creation, man has had the prowess to think for himself and make. To decide whether to be obedient or disobedient. Without freedom of thought, man is nothing but a breathing dummy.

Therefore, it is imperative to ensure you are in charge of your thoughts and stretch it as far as you can. 

The Power of Our Thinking Prowess

The human mind is elastic, when stretched, magic can be created.

Revolutions and innovations were made possible thanks to the thinking prowess of man. It is because man is a thinking being that is why inhumane systems like Nazism and slavery could not prevail.

The day the human man is suppressed is the day we walk the path of true death. 

One reason why in the hands of manipulators religion is a deadly tool that can be used to suppress human reasoning. People often sacrifice their thinking prowess on the altar of religion. They are asked to believe without thinking and are sometimes indoctrinated into deadly beliefs

This is why from the days of the Crusaders and to our current day terrorism, religion has been used to brainwashed people into being unapologetically brutish.

Such a pattern should be fled from because even the creator made you a thinking being. Think and make your choices based on your convictions.

In the words of St. Anslem, “Faith without reason is cowardice.”

The above ought to be a mantra that should be applied as you pursue eternal life through the shores of religion.  

Factors that can Affect Your Thinking Prowess

Mental illness: Therefore, guard your mental health judiciously.

Substance Abuse: Flee from illicit drugs and alcohol abuse.



Low thinking circle of friends


Emotions: This is why under the influence of high emotions (either positive or negative) terrible decisions have been made throughout history.

Ensure to flee from the above factors.

Last Words

You are as powerful as your mind. Make it a protected haven. Calm but strong. Pure yet powerful. Open-minded yet critical. Warm but tenacious. Never sacrifice your ability to think and make your own choices.

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