The Pain of Healing

There is a pain that comes with healing, do you agree with me on that, well if you don’t let’s check these questions out. Have you ever been involved in an accident of any kind, that needed some urgent operation? after the operation was successful, did the pain go away? No it didn’t (but I mean the problem has been fixed right) the pain just eased a bit,but it didn’t go away. Have you ever lost a loved one? Have you ever been cheated on? how about when you find out you were in the wrong relationship and you decided to move on despite the fact you still loved the person. If you can relate to any of this question, you will agree with me, when I say there is a pain that comes with healing.

In most cases, when a person is healing from a particular thing, it takes a very long period of time. Healing is the hardest phase of life, trust me when i say the pain that comes with it, is not an ordinary one, you tend to regret things you did and hate yourself for not doing some things. It’s a very tough phase and it only takes strong people to deal with that phase.

There is a beautiful thing about the pain of healing though, which is despite the fact that it took a very long time for you to come out of the pain( depending on the situation), as long as you handled your healing phase in the proper way, when you come out, you will come out radiant, better and stronger.

Many have lost their lives due to the fact that they could not bear the pain of healing, they gave up with the thought that things can never go back to how they were before. So let me take this time to celebrate you reading this, cause I know you’ve been through something before( I mean everyone has) but what makes you special is that you survived the healing phase. You are strong, keep that in mind.

I also have a short message for you reading this, that whatever pain you may be going through presently as a result of the fact you just walked out of an abusive relationship, you just lost a loved one, you just got an operation done) its unknown to me but you are aware, whatever pain at all, just know it’s a pain of healing and you going to come out stronger and better. As the popular saying goes”What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger “.

6 thoughts on “The Pain of Healing

  1. This is by far the best thing I’ve read in a long time ❤️
    It’s accurate
    We miss the days when we weren’t so faded
    Love wasn’t always invasive, We could embrace it
    Just innocent, waitin’, not always livin’ in anguish
    When did we break and become overtaken?
    What was the moment we caved and
    Gave away all of our faith and made a replacement?☹️
    I have a question tho
    Do you come up with all this??❤️

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