Have you ever sat to wonder why coaches get sacked when a team’s performance declines? The players take most of the glory when the team has a great year or season, but when things go south the coach is a blast the most. The fact is that even if an all-star team is created, with a whack leader as a coach, they are likely to lose to a good team.

Apart from being strategic, ensuring the team stays motivated is an important task of a leader. If this can be achieved, such a team will be daring enough to achieve incredible success. Most times when a football team goes on a decline, people assume that there must be an issue occurring in the team and dressing room.

Keeping your team’s spirit high is a craft every leader must master. That is the subtle art of being a good leader. Here is how to keep the team motivated as a good leader. 

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Value People’s Opinions

People love to be heard and appreciated. As a leader your word should not be “Ye” and “Amen” you are not God. It is imperative to create an atmosphere in which people can comfortably express their views, knowing it will be valued and implemented if it is good enough.

Be Firm but Soft Spoken

A leader should be firm and not some pushover. Nevertheless, be soft-spoken. Calm words have a way of making people go the extra mile in performing their job without them being offended. 

Using the magic words when giving instructions as a way of making you sound like a capable leader and not just a boss. 

Be a Good Listener

A good listener will make an amazing head of any team. A good listener will understand the depth of issues before taking a stance or making decisions. People listen when a good listener talks before they know he has listened to all the facts before deciding to make a decision. 

Care for the Growth of Your Team Members.

A leader that is not solely concerned with the job being done, but wants to see his team members grow, will be considered a great leader, and your team members will go the extra mile just to ensure they do not let you down.

Don’t just ask people if they have carried out the task assigned to them. Sometimes ask about their life, dreams, and aspirations. Give a helping hand to them, and celebrating with them when they win in life even when it is not work-related is a good gesture. If possible, get them enrolled in courses that will aid advance their careers. Gestures like this, are what differentiates a leader from a boss.

There is no “I” in Team

The idea of there is no “I” in the team, should always be in your mindset as a leader, especially after a major win. Ensure to give credit to all who deserve it.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to be the head and not the tail. However, it is not easy being the head. Nevertheless, with these tips, you can start being a leader and not just a boss. 

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