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Global News & Metro - NEWS - Politics - February 10, 2022

“There will be no winner” – Vladimir Putin Declares the Consequences of Attacking Russia


Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has openly reminded the world that Russia is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons.

Speaking to various media representatives, the Russian President clearly expressed what would happen if Ukraine joins NATO and decides to attack Crimean.

Watch the video below, 

Russia and Ukraine have had conflicts for years. Rather than fostering a better relationship serious tension is been built. Presently, the situation has escalated to the point some European countries have sanctioned Russia. 


According to reports, a remarkable number of the Russian military are stationed near the Ukrainian border. Nevertheless, Russia has denied having plans to invade Ukraine. 

However, despite Russia’s claim, Ukraine and other countries are still in doubt of their intentions. Honestly, the heavy presence of the Russian military at the Ukrainian border has been a cause of great global concern.

The Story Behind the Recent Tension

Ukraine has for the longest time felt threatened by its nuclear-armed Russian neighbours. The conflict reached its apex in 2014. This occurred after Russia somewhat invaded and annexed Crimean, a part of Ukraine. 

Presently, the newest tension is fueled by Ukraine’s desire to become a NATO member state. 

Russia is strongly fighting against Ukraine’s wish to be a member of NATO as they do not want a NATO member state next to them. This conflict of interest is humming the sound of war.

Various countries have sent diplomats to both countries but no positive result. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, visited Vladimir Putin but it is unclear if the visit yielded any positive result.


Currently, some European countries are placing severe sanctions on Russia and Putin. Also, the USA and UK have clearly stated that they stand with Ukraine and won’t stay put if Russia invades their sovereignty.

Amidst the conflicts, Putin has sent a stern message to the world that if a war ensures there will be no winner.

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