Tiwa Savage Confronts Nigerian Idol Judge

 Tiwa Savage Confronts Nigerian Idol Judge
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Do you remember the #Fvck You Challenge organised by Kizz Daniel? If you do, I am sure you can recall how Seyi Shey and Victoria Kimani said some unpleasant stuff about Africa’s number 1 bad girl, Tiwa Savage. 

The incident took place a few years ago and though Tiwa Savage did not respond, it appears the incident stuck in her memory as unpleasant. 

Today for the first time since the incident,  both Tiwa and Seyi Shey were in the same space. They were at the same beauty salon and Seyi Shey went to say “Hi.” Can you imagine? 


This move by Seyi Shey triggered Tiwa Savage into giving her a piece of her mind. The superstar was so pissed she swore on her child’s life and reminded the other singer that she was yet to forget how both she and Kimani dissed her. Besides, why not maintain the same energy you started with? From the brawl, it seems Seyi Shey blocked Tiwa Savage on Instagram.

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Watch their interesting brawl here:

From this incident, I think people should be careful of what they say about others. Words hurt, and even when you forget, those you threw them at will not. Nevertheless, who else heard Tiwa mention being rich? That is the kind of energy I hope we all achieve! I love how they maintained a calm voice throughout the incident.

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