Tope Maggie, also known as Temitope Adebayo, reportedly shatters the Guinness World Record for marathon cooking, surpassing Irish chef Alan Fisher’s previous record of 119 hours and 57 minutes.

In a TikTok video titled ‘The record is broken, congratulations to Nigeria, Oyo State, Chef Tope Maggie,’ he stood cheered by supporters.

Tope Maggie, Nigerian chef, allegedly breaks Irish chef, Alan Fisher's 119-hour and 57-minute GWR cooking record
Temitope Adebayo, known as Tope Maggie.

Tope’s achievement marks a significant win for Nigeria, reclaiming the title for the longest continuous cooking from Alan Fisher, who had recently dethroned chef Hilda Bassey after her 93-hour record.

Tope studied hotel management at the Federal Polytechnic in Ede, Osun State, and inherited the name ‘Maggie‘ from his mother, under whom he learned cooking.

He currently manages a chain of restaurants in Ogbomoso.


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