Twitter user shares encounter with debtor he loaned 1.5 miliion

The tweep revealed this during the one of the trending conversations on debtors finding it hard to pay back.

A Tweep identified as simply Ransome shared screenshot of the text messages he received from a lady owing him 1.5 million naira.

This came up during the trending conversations on microblogging platform Twitter about how people find it hard to repay borrowed funds after begging to get it.

According to the messages shared, the unidentified lady now threatens not to pay back his money simply because he involved her mother.

In the screenshots, the Lady threatened not to stop all efforts if he keeps disturbing her ‘sick’ mother.

“Omor I no dey borrow person money again, this are series of text messages someone that’s owing me #1,500,0000(One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira) sent to me,” he wrote.

“Na human being dey make person wicked”

See the messages below:

The exchange has caused mixed reactions among users of the social media app. While some supported him, some stated that he should not have involved her mother in the issue.

See the reactions below:

@queenofdblues1 wrote,

“No be juju be this?
Na debtor get mouth dey talk like this to u.
Anyways, I’m not surprised at all.
They’re always humble when they want you to borrow them money but will turn Lion and Lionesses when it’s time to return it.”
Modafaackers oshi.”

@kvngrizzle wrote,

“Have you tried involving the authorities? If not try it they might Ginger her to pay up.
Dem no dey borrow woman money, just give them what you can afford and free them. Incase of next time.”

@emo_d_3rd wrote,

“But you’re not suppose to call the mum unless she’s directly associated in your transaction…if she isn’t, then try call whose owing u…my take on the Mata..”

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