Tye Tribbett’s “The Darkness within the Music Industry”

This may very well be the last we hear of him…

For those that don’t know him (Really?), Tye Tribett is an American gospel singer, songwriter, and keyboardist. He is the choir director and founder of the Grammy-nominated (and two-time winner) and Stellar Award winning gospel group Tye Tribett and G.A. (short for Greater Anointing).

Early 2020, Tye Tribett sent a message to people during the coronavirus pandemic with a song “We Gon’ Be Alright”. He fuses Kendrick Lamar’s hit track “Alright” into the song. (Culled from Wikipedia).

If you search Wiki, you’d find out all these. What Wiki doesn’t tell us, however is the content of his message. This is what I focus on during this article. Stay with me.

“I’m Not Selling Out”                                                                                            

He starts this rant telling us that he just got off a “business” call, which, from the likes of it, didn’t go well. Throughout the video, he didn’t tell us specifically what the person (or persons) at the other end put though to him, but I could clearly deduce that it was a depraved spot. I mean, he called it demonic!

According to him, as a musician, you have to be able to let go of some “standards” or principles if you want to get on some platforms—and so he declares plainly, for the world to see, “I’m not selling out”.

“God didn’t establish the gospel music industry!” Shocked? I was too. An industry is an industry, according to him—but that doesn’t stop it from glorifying God. Case in point, He may not have established your job, but that doesn’t stop the job from glorifying Him.

Do you remember Todd Dulaney talked about excellence last week? (Click here to view the post). He also touched it, a bit. Portraying record labels in a bad light, he speaks about putting excellence and the power of God in what you do, and then having to put such a “baby” into the hands of a godless industry.

We can only deduce that all the industry cares about is money. I mean, they should know better—right, or we should know better, too—but do we?

Well, trust Tye Tribett. He doesn’t care about all that. All he wants is to deliver with excellence—and without compromise. Admittedly, he’s frustrated by what is around him, but he’s willing to go as far as the Lord wants to take him. He’s grateful for the doors that God has opened and the ones yet to be—but he’s not willing to compromise just to get on some platform.

“In this World—but Not of This World”

Lest Satan should take advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices (2 Corinthians 2:11)

These guys are not willing to give up—they will even go as far as bait him. I mean, will a fisherman eat his own bait? No! A fisherman will not eat worms! Those are meant for the fish.

As a musician, your song should be the bait, to lure those who are inclined to the genre to be captivated by it, and then you can preach our message. You don’t have to like it, but to get them; you have to do it. That’s just the way it works.

Now, coming over to catch him with the same bait? Different circumstances, but the same bait? Nah! Can’t work.

“You want your music to be heard. How much are you willing to give up? How much are you willing to do this? How much are you willing to do that?”

He knows these things, so it can’t catch him. He doesn’t care if he’s on the cover of the next Unsung, or Where Are They Now?

The truth is God has been good—and God is still good. Charts do not reflect God’s goodness. Ratings do not reflect the kindness of God. Fame is not a measure of God’s mercies towards you.

As long as his music blesses his household, and some special few, he’s willing to let go of the world to please God. Can you?

Watch the full video here

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