Ukrainian couple

The couple is a clear definition of “love doesn’t care”

A Ukrainian nurse, Oksana who lost both legs after stepping on a Russian mine has married her husband in the hospital.

Oksana was on her way home to her now-husband, Viktor when she stepped on a mine that took her two legs.

Although Victor was unharmed, the explosion, which happened so fast, took both her legs and four of her left fingers leaving her in critical medical condition.

According to the Lviv Medical Association, she has had four operations to stabilize her injuries before coming to Lviv to have prosthetics fitted.

But before having artificial limbs fitted for her, the couple have now tied the knot in a heartwarming wedding ceremony which took place in the hospital.

They bought their wedding rings in Lviv, got Oksana a wedding dress and tied the knot as they enjoyed a wedding cake made for them by volunteers at the hospital.

See their wedding video below:

Viktor and Oksana already have two kids together but just officially got married to each other. Although they had been together for six years, they never found time to get married.

Oksana is now preparing to travel to Germany with her husband for further treatment with everyone wishing them “happiness and long life together”.

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