If the phrase “It can only get better” was a picture, Big Brother Naija Lockdown edition will be the face. A lot has switched from 0-100 in the game. Fortunately, you have me, your original plug to give you all the juicy stories.

Friday’s Arena Games.

We finally got a winner in the Friday arena games. Praise completed the task and the housemates were instructed by Biggie to pamper him. They went on to play a game he coined. 

Some crazy dares were made and performed. However, the highlight of that day was Ka3na and Praise (Who said he is engaged) sharing a bed and making movement under the duvet. Their entanglement got the two of them trending on 



On the same day, Erica and Kiddwaya kissed passionately. It is funny how Erica keeps undermining her relationship with Kiddwaya, but will still return back to him. Well, the actress bluntly told her lover that it was just a kiss. Behind her smile is a real game player.

Also, Prince expressed his feeling for Nengi but she turned him down. According to her, he is everywhere and such a person is not her spec. 

Rock n Roll Night.

Every Saturday is a rocking day. The housemates received clothes for their Saturday party. Almost all of them were stunning. Laycon pulled off Fireboy’s look, and it was lit. However, I did not fancy Wathoni’s dress.

Dj Big, proved once again that when you are big, you are big. Oxlade also performed. The night was marked with, dance! dance! dance!

Nevertheless, two occurrences made the night spectacular. The first one was the DJ playing Laycon’s song titled, Hip Hop. Some housemates circled around him, as he performed and they danced. It was simply beautiful.

The second interesting thing was that Sunday was Prince’s birthday, and he got a cake. The housemates wished him a happy birthday and said nice words. This got the royalty in tears.

Saturday also reviewed that Prince is the most sought guy in the house! Both Tolanibaj, and Wathoni want him. Sincerely, I never saw Tolanibaj as someone interested in Prince. Funny enough, Prince is only interested in Nengi. This is the season of entanglement.

Saturday was truly eventful as it shows to the viewers that Brighto is an interesting character. He advised Laycon to make advances towards Erica, and told Tochi to go after Tolanibaj. His game plan is to hit heads together. Viewers are entertained and he has amassed fans. I strongly believe his game plan will backfire soon.


Sunday was an eviction Sunday, and two housemates were evicted. The four housemates with the least votes were;

  • Eric
  • Lilo
  • Ka3na
  • Praise.

The housemates voted out 2 housemates from the four housemates with the least votes. In the end, Ka3na and Lilo were evicted.

Strangely, Eric seems not to be bothered by his girlfriend’s exit. While Praise is yet to recover from the fact he isn’t loved by viewers. This might finally get him to talk less.


Laycon finally confessed his feelings to his bestie Erica. She was quite understanding but told him she liked him and Kiddwaya differently. Laycon was equally mature in accepting rejection.

That same night she had a physical encounter with kiddwaya. Well, I guess everyone has a right to be with who they want. Their encounter however set twitter on fire. That bird app is something else.

Head Of House.

Ozo won the HOH after scoring a record-breaking 30. He chose Dorathy as his deputy. They are both automatically immune from eviction. After choosing Dorathy, he went about apologizing to Nengi. Ozo is sadly too cute to be acting so confused.

Laycon was not allowed to participate in the HOH game due to a leg injury he sustained during their morning exercise. He is equally up for eviction alongside every other housemate.

Finally, the results of the top ten were not shown, nevertheless, ensure your favorite housemate is not among the least four to avoid stories that touch the heart.

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