What Are The Little Things That Matter In A Relationship?

 What Are The Little Things That Matter In A Relationship?
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We live in a world now where love is underrated, people get into relationships just for the fun of it and to pass time, so when they get bored, they leave, which brings about many heartbreak stories.

All this makes me wonder if there is a secret to beautiful and lasting relationships?
One thing I know is that the little things matter in a relationship.

What are these little things? well, that’s what I’m about to tell you, now these have been tested and proven to be 1 of the very few things that keep a relationship growing.

  • Telling Your Partner “I Love You“: Now a lot of people will use this saying to justify their actions, but then that is just wrong. ” Actions speak better than words” Not in a long term relationship please, say and show it. Don’t say it once in a while, say it unexpectedly, say it when they do something silly and they expect you to just act up.
  • Compliment Your Partner: Tell them they look good, be their No, 1 hype man, say sweet things about them, appreciate their flaws and insecurities, and tell them constantly how that makes them beautiful.
  • Do Things Together: Not necessarily because you love it, but just to show a sense of acceptance. I’ve seen a woman who doesn’t watch football, but her husband is crazy about football, and she started watching it with him, and just tried to start up a conversation on what he loves, and that single act brought about growth in their relationship. She can mention up to 5 top players in her husband’s favorite team. They even get to argue about who is better. I mean nothing spices up a relationship than that.
  • Show some effort: People who go into relationships with a “that is who I am” attitude, never last in a relationship, except their partner is very understanding. Sometimes all our relationships need is a bit of effort from us. If you do this, it won’t remove us from us, it will just show our significant other, how much they mean to us and how they can trust we will be with them through anything.
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Relationship wey tey, wey still sweet, no do pass this one, but seriously, the little things we discard are what matters most in a relationship, as they help to keep the spark going.

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