What BBN Taught Me.

The curtain is about to be drawn close as BBN Season Five is coming to an end on the 27th of September 2020. The journey was filled with various moments that will forever dwell in our hearts as memories. Time really flies and everything that has a beginning will always have an end.

The show was not just entertaining, it was very emotional. There were days we cried because our favorites were sad, penalized, or in tears. There were happy days in which we found reasons to laugh so pure our eyes twinkled. How about the nights we stayed awake just to keep watching every move of our favorites. We would sleep as late as 4 am because we spent all night on Twitter defending the actions of our favorite housemate.

Sincerely, I will really miss this show. Nevertheless, I am pleased to note that I was not just entertained I was equally taught.

What I Learnt From BBN

If the Nigerian Electoral Process is Credible People Will Vote Massively.

Voting in BBN costs both time and money. It is way more demanding than the process of voting in an election; yet, it seems people would rather spend that much energy into voting in BBN than voting during an election. So I asked myself why? From my observations, I have come to conclude that it is the lack of “Trust and Credibility” for the Nigerian electoral process that makes a host of Nigerians shy away from voting and campaigning immensely.

As regards BBN, people are sure that their votes count therefore they are willing to spend their resources into voting. If INEC can show more transparency and credibility people would be more inclined to vote.

Haters Can Become Believers. 

Always do you because people’s opinions are mostly fickle. Most of the persons that mocked and judged Laycon on the first day ended up becoming his strongest supporters. Just do you and the world will adjust.

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Be Confident In Your Body

I salute both Laycon and Dorathy. They may not have the best bodies according to societal standards but how well they carried themselves should be studied in school. 

Even in the midst of well-built men and women with perfect curves, Laycon and Dorathy were never intimidated. In fact, Laycon would still be the first to pull off his clothes and show-off his skinny body. While Dorathy never hesitates to rock her bikini. Very remarkable! Their confidence in their bodies won them fans as well as respect.

Grace is the Real Deal.

In all you do pray for grace. I believe “grace” is the sole word that can be used to adequately explain the massive love Laycon received this year. Both the old and young, rich and poor came out to fiercely support him. Why?

Some say people support him because he is intelligent. Well, there were other intelligent housemates so why him? If it is about music, he was not the only artist in how. Was it out of pity? Frankly, there were other housemates with more pitiful stories. So why Laycon? I think it is just grace. According to Fireboy, “Grace na the koko. Talent na jara.

Attitude is Everything

People can love and support you immensely but with the wrong attitude, you can ruin everything yourself. People loved Erica and she could have been Laycon’s biggest competition, but her attitude ruined everything as she got disqualified from the show.

Drink Responsibly 

The housemates were at their worst behavior whenever they were drunk. Frankly, if Erica had drunk responsibly her story would have been different.

It is Possible to Genuinely Love A Stranger

People went out of their way just to see their favorite housemate succeed. They invested both their time and money for strangers they have never met and might never meet.

The love shown to these housemates by people that have never met them their entire life is beautiful to behold. I for one remember that I almost screamed out of my lungs the day I saw a billboard made for Laycon on my way home from work. I still remember how I jumped and screamed for joy when he got to a million followers on Instagram. Every time he won something I felt this impeccable happiness. Thanks to BBN I and millions of others ended up loving strangers.


BBN has really taught me so much. If I attempt to write all I have learned from the show, I will end up writing a book. After the end of the show, I will be writing tips that will be useful for future BBN housemates.

Bye for now and may the best man or woman win.

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