What Is God Saying Yes To In 2021?

My last post centered on ” What is God saying “No” to in 2021″ well this is a sequel to the previous post, where we will know what God wants us to ask for this year.

A popular post made mention of how to talk to God, and despite all that was asked of God to give, God said you are not still asking the right question. Alas, the woman asked for the spirit to love others just as Christ has loved her, and God said “Now you’ve gotten it”

I believe this is what God wants us to ask and he is strongly saying “Yes” to this, this year. He wants every one of us to love each other just as he has loved us, even in a world where love is taken for granted. He wants us to love and care for others, even when it’s hard to.

The world didn’t deserve his love but he gave it irrespective, and now he has commanded that we may also love one another just as he has loved us, for this is the greatest commandment, and through this will many know we are true, children of God (John 15:17)

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