What Led to Rema’s Emotional Meltdown On Twitter?

Popular Singer, Rema shocked his fans after he went on a lengthy emotional rant on twitter to let out his deep personal issues. In his bizarre tweets, the Singer revealed shocking details about his past and present life in the music industry.


The Singer mostly known to live a quiet life, and only come out on SocialMedia to either post his pictures or announce the release of his music has given his fans concerns when he embarked on a lengthy emotional rant on twitter.

And now, the question on every fan’s mind is ‘what led to Rema’s emotional breakdown on Twitter?

Well, it has been alleged that his rant was triggered by an incident that happened on Sunday in the recent BBN Naija Lockdown Finale where he gave a performance. The Young Musician is said to have had a clash with Davido who also performed at the final BBN show.

But could this be the real reason why Rema vented his frustration on twitter?

Or Could it be that fans are not looking into the statistics of the young musician’s life which he revealed in his tweets?.

Although the reason why Rema had an emotional breakdown on Twitter is still unclear, but to anyone who reads his tweets, it is very clear that the young musician is definitely going through a tough time despite the stardom he has attained.

In one of his tweets Rema mentioned having stolen a laptop from his friend, ‘Eric’, in order to provide for his Mum, who was pregnant at that time, and from the look of what he tweeted, people laughed at his mum’s pregnancy.


From this tweet, it is very clear that Rema went through a lot of struggles in his past life before fame.

Rema also mentioned people tagging him as ‘proud’, and that he had a lot of fake friends staying beside because of their selfish interests, and this makes him feel choked up whenever he is around them.

This shows that the Singer is uncomfortable with some of the people around him and needs true friends in his life.

Is this what pushed him to let out his personal issues on twitter?

And if you noticed, one of Rema’s tweets signified that his tweets made his management worried, and so they tried to change his Twitter password.


Could it be that Rema has not yet found anyone trustworthy enough to share his personal issues with in the circle of his management team, hence, he decided to vent out his frustration on twitter?

Or it could be that we are not getting the exact message he was trying to send to his fans.

Was Rema trying to tell his fans that that the entertainment industry is not all what it seems?, And that fame and riches comes with a lot of pain?

Well, at the end of the day, only Rema can state the exact reason that led to his emotional breakdown on twitter. Our prayers remain with him as it is evident that he is going through a tough time.

What do you think led to Rema’s emotional breakdown on twitter?. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving your comments in the comment section below.

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