What Makes The Guitar So Special?

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The guitar is one of the only instruments that keyboard companies and sample library companies have a hard time reproducing in a way that can be played believably on a keyboard.
The Guitar is not just an instrument, it is a gift of Music.

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A lot of times, we see playing guitar as a form of conscious escapism, a way to create space between an individual and their busy mind.

Playing the Guitar is beneficial to your overall well-being and mental health in other ways too, including helping you cultivate a greater sense of personal achievement.

Why Is The Guitar The Best Instrument?
The Guitar is the best instrument due to its versatility, cost, and the fact that because it’s a polyphonic instrument, it can be played solo or supported by others. The guitar is the second most popular instrument in the world.

You can’t talk about the Guitar Instrument, without talking about the one who plays the guitar.
Let’s talk about the guitarist, Is it just me or guitarists are very attractive.

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Guitarists have the ability to slur, slide, hammer, pick up and down, finger, tap, bend, whammy, vibrate, play with your palm, play with your teeth, use a slide and play with so many types of dynamics and articulations that they can’t be replicated successfully. These are the things that make guitarists very special.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with the piano, violin, or any other instrument that gets you captivated about music. Nevertheless, I think there are good reasons why millions of people like me and you have gotten to enjoy music better, when played with the guitar.

Let us know what you think, in the comments section below. Are you of the opinion that the guitar is overrated, or you strongly believe it’s worth the hype.

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