Many River state indigenes and many other Nigerians have reacted to the peculiar outfits worn by year 1 students to the University’s induction ceremony.

The internet was sent into an uproar after photos from the event was shared on Facebook by a user identified as Terry Doingz.

Many Nigerians after seeing photos showing the students make their entrance into the ceremony in fetish outfits.

Their peculiar attires was a mixture of red, black or white wrappers, or the combination of red and black wrappers. Some boys and girls wore red wrappers. While Some wore white wrappers or a combination of red and black.

What even made the occasion more strange, was the white chalks on some of the students bodies. Some of them also carried lighted candles along with them.

In one of the photos, a group of females wearing a combination of red and black wrappers, with black spots drawn on their bodies, were seen making an entrance into the event with palm fonds held in between their lips.

What do you have to say about this? Can this be described as Rivers State trying to appreciate it’s culture or an induction ceremony taken too far?

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