In the olden days, the only priority of a woman was to be a housewife and care for her husband and kids, but now time has changed as well as perception, women presently, their wants are numerous, but if you have to categorize, they sum up to just three things, you know what that is? Love, Wealth, Career.

From the topic, you know where I’m heading, this question has been asked a lot of times, and it’s all the same, different people with different perceptions. I’ll briefly talk about the two and make my stance known to you.

To some the ring is more important

Marriage: If a woman decides to prioritize marriage over her career, that means she has thought about it so much to make that stance because it is very hard for a woman to let go of her dream, her passion for what she does, every height she wanted to attain, to settle down for marriage. Don’t get it twisted, Marriage is not gloomy, It is a place you find happiness, build bonds, and a place to find comfort. Aside from all that, it takes a loving and responsible partner to support his woman in achieving her dreams even after marriage, not all men do that, and to find the one that does, trust me, that’s a gift from God. Also, a lot of people pursued marriage and it worked for them, they were able to build a family, but for some, it was otherwise.

Why to others, Career Way

A lot of women who decided to pursue career discovered that they’ve been going around the circle all the years because after they’ve acquired much wealth they desire, they start to pursue happiness and by then, it’s often too late because the people they get to meet is either there for their money or their fame. It’s only on rare occasions they find love.

In Conclusion, I would have to say, If I were to pick between the two, I would pick marriage. I’m not trying to sound archaic or old-school, I’m just trying to be factual about the whole thing, Career is good and a lot of women these days would want to follow that, which i strongly agree with, but if you find someone who loves you for you and chooses you over and over again and wants to build a future with you, please dont give that up for a career. If you read this like I feel you did, you will see the point I’m trying to make, but if you disagree and have a contrary opinion, please do make use of the comment section, thank you.

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  1. One shouldn’t go for the other.They are not mutually exclusive…make your partner a responsible partner.. incase you want to know more on this topic, read “lean women working” by Sheryl Sandberg the coo of Facebook. We have a whole lot of women successful in the home front and career wise… But they knew what they wanted, and married a partner who sees what they are seeing… Don’t give up on our career because of marriage unless marriage is the only area you find fulfilment.

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