The actual truth is no amount of classes or books can prepare you for childbirth. And for that course, no two births are the same. Having said that, let’s take a look at these few very unexpected things about childbirth that no one tells you about.

  • Your Dignity Is Thrown Away: When you are in labor, you don’t care, who’s beside you, if it’s a male or a female doctor, you don’t even care if you are completely naked. I had a teacher who shared with us, her experience, and she said, she didn’t feel any pains till she got to the hospital, she drove to the hospital, but when it got serious, she first pulled off her wig, and she wanted to remove all her clothes. The only thing on your mind then is “Get this baby out of me” and maybe after then, your dignity comes back.
  • The Journey To The Hospital Is Terrible: I mean movies have explained this enough, but then for some reason, I feel they exaggerate it, at least that’s what my mom says. In a case where the hospital isn’t close by, trust me when I say, the journey isn’t for the weak.
  • You Will Make Weird Noises: Do I need, explain this? Women are loud about random things, now imagine how weird it’s gonna be when the woman in question is about to bring forth a human to the world.
  • There’s A Lot Of Poo: Poo everywhere, and you won’t care. There is a high chance, your baby will poo too, and no matter how you wipe, it just keeps smearing *My God, doctors are trying.
  • It’s Hard To Tell If You Are In Labour: It’s not like the way movies portray it, sometimes you just have contractions, and it’s not still time. Don’t mind what they show you in TV’s ooo, ask your mum or any woman who has gone through it, and they will be glad to tell you the truth.
  • You Are Likely To Declare Your Endless Love: Better Put, You are likely to declare anything. You might even call the doctor your husband, and you might shout at the nurses in there, you literally get mixed feelings in there( this happens most to first-timers.
  • Don’t Look At Your Stitches: Hey Queen, do you want to hear the truth? Some things can never be unseen, don’t look at your stitches, just don’t.

I would love to hear if you were ever told any of these, I doubt though, but if you’ve been told anything about Childbirth that is quite different from what was listed, do let us know in the comments section below.

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