One of the major reasons, men keep their emotions to themselves, is because they don’t want to be looked at as weak. Women are free to let their emotions known society encourages that, that’s why you see suicide cases are more rampant among men. Society will always tell you, As a man, you need to be strong, as a man you need to be this and that.

My brother is 9, if someone hits him, and he starts crying, we use this “You don’t know you are a boy, you are not to be crying like a girl” thing on him just so he stops crying, so it’s just something we continually say to the male gender. If I were to take a stance, I’ll say Women handle their emotions better, Surprised? Or you probably don’t agree with me, but it’s true.

You know how they say “Women can’t be fully understood” yes, it’s true and also in the case of handling emotions better.
You think men bottle in their feelings more, think again, I feel women do more. There are so many things women take in and handle, that men don’t know about. You will never know a woman is a rape victim unless she tells you about it.

Women use their past hurts and traumas as lessons to become better versions of themselves. Let’s take for example when the #JusticeforUwa was trending, that’s when a lot of women started coming out to testify to the fact that they’ve been raped before or sexually harassed, and now I’m not just talking about the average Nigerian women, I’m talking successful women, business moguls, Women of Power, that if they hadn’t spoken up, no one would have known.


Women stay in toxic relationships and bear a lot of trash, not because they don’t have an option, but because they feel things will be better. A woman can be madly in love with you, but you won’t be able to tell. A woman can hate you so much but pretend to be your best friend.

You might disagree with me on this, and have a different opinion on this, and I’m open to your correction as well, but I feel before a woman will pour out all her emotions, she has bottled in too much.

This post is more about your opinion than mine though, I’m just thinking out loud, please do well to feed me with your thoughts on this topic in the comment section below.

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