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Who Killed Daddy (A Shocking Story)

Jane was anxiously pacing around her tiny bedroom. The room which was originally a store was converted into a bedroom after she vehemently refused to share a room with her sisters. Her demand for privacy led to an uproar between her and her dad. Jane and her father were like parallel lines, they barely agreed on anything and she was fine with that. Thanks to her mom’s firm support her wish came true. 

John was supposed to climb into her room by 8:30 pm but he was 40 minutes late. Being late for their romantic hang out is an unusual occurrence. She dialled his number for the umpteenth time but it wasn’t connecting. She stared into the night from her opened window but saw no sign of him. At this point, she considered climbing down to go search for him, but she was scared of heights. Swiftly, she headed towards her door and flung it open but the sight of her dad locking the front door and dipping the key into his pocket rendered her helpless. Angrily, she slammed her door but forgot to turn the lock. Frustrated and pissed, Jane began to whimper. She sank into her bed and shut her eyes.

In the hallway, Hannah was tiptoeing back to her room. She was holding a container she had filled up with olive oil from the kitchen without her mom’s approval. She and her friend Beatrice just opened a Tik Tok account and they needed olive oil to create their planned content. 

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” someone screeches behind her. A scared Hannah tossed the container she was holding and took it to her heels. The container was not tightly closed so the content spewed. Hannah, who was scared easily, just kept running until she got to her bedroom.

Rita, who had just scared her younger sister, let out a quiet laugh. Rita was taking a break from writing her college application letter. She saw Hannah sneaking around and decided to have fun by scaring her. Frightening Hannah was always fun. Her application letter was centred on her family and she needed content. To that effect, 

Rita decided to snoop around the house in search of ideas.

Back in her room, Jane could feel a finger gently stroking her face. She broke into a smile knowing only John can caress her that way. She opened her eyes and saw her love sitting next to her. Jane was just 14 years old, while John was 18 years old. She wrapped her arm around him and they began to kill passionately. 

“I was trying to get contraceptives that is why I am late. We no longer have to use condoms. We can finally enjoy ourselves skin-to-skin” said John as he stripped her off her sexy lingerie and thrust inside her. 

In the heat of the moment, Rita hurled the door open. What her eyes saw got her screaming hysterically. By reflex, both John and Jane leapt from the bed and quickly tried to dress up. Unfortunately, within a few seconds, Hannah and  Mr & Mrs Jeremy were inside the room. Rita’s hysterical scream got them running to the room.

John decided to dive for the window but Mr Jeremy grabbed him. Jane tried to get her dad off her boyfriend but he shoved her aside. A furious Mr Jeremy dragged John down the stairs and the entire family followed them closely. John fought tirelessly to free himself from Mr Jeremy’s grip, but Mr Jeremy was stronger. He dragged John into the hallway threatening to get him arrested. 

A desperate Jane nibbled her dad on the wrist to help free her boyfriend and John shoved him as hard as he could. At this point, Mr Jeremy was standing on the spot where Hannah’s olive oil was spilt. He lost his balance and fell. He slammed his skull on the hard tiles as he fell. Everyone shrieked in horror. In a matter of seconds, poor Mr Jeremy was lying in his pool of blood. Rita hurriedly dialled 911 but her daddy died on the spot.

Who is responsible for Mr Jeremy’s death? Who killed daddy?

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