Why Not The Color Brown?

What is it with the color “Brown”? Why is it underrated? Why is it left aside? Why do people not choose it as their favorite color? It is not even part of the rainbow color, that’s so sad, because the color brown, is a very unique color and should be recognized.

Let’s talk brown, let’s talk the color of nature, the color of the tree’s branches, the color of the earth and mountains, the color of the soil that enables our plants to grow.

Let’s talk brown, Let’s talk the color of people, let’s talk beauty, let’s talk the shade of your skin, the color of your hair, the color of your eyes. There is this thing I have with brown eyes, they are beautiful, especially under light.

I keep asking myself, why of all colors, why not brown. People reject brown for some reason unknown to me, but there are still some people who choose brown over other colors, they are rare, simple, down to earth, honest, reliable, have this unexplainable love for nature, very friendly and approachable.

Brown brings about curiosity. Imagine someone asking you what your favorite color is, and you say brown, It itches, like Brown? such a person would want to know why, and if you can provide valid reasons why you choose it, such a person might take interest in you, so let’s talk brown, let’s talk opportunities.

I had never really understood the color brown, I would always choose it last, but I see it now, I understand now that brown is beautiful, and I hope by the reason of this post, you see it also

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